Dell previews 5-inch tablet concept akin to large iPod touch (nee iPad)

AppleInsider | Dell previews 5-inch tablet concept akin to large iPod touch.

This looks pretty nice.

Makes me wonder why companies like Dell etc have waited till now to release a Tablet device?

The hype around the Apple Tablet has been huge over the last year or 2 – why wait till supposedly 2 weeks before its announcement to release their own?


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Google sued by Philip K. Dick estate over Nexus branding

Philip K. Dick Estate Sues Google : Slice of SciFi.

Would it have killed Google to at least ask to use the name Nexus One?

Don’t try to pretend your using the name because of it’s original meaning – meeting place. Why add the One to the end of it then?

Personally I think the name Nexus One is an awesome name – but ONLY because of the attachment to Blade Runner / I Dream Of Electric Sheep.  If that movie / book didn’t exist – then Nexus One would be a pretty fricken lame name for a phone to be honest.


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iPhone 3.0 Predictions

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Apple have announced an event to discuss what they are working on in the next version of software for the iPhone – iPhone 3.0. It’s going to be held March 17 US time – in about 17 hours from now. So time for a few quick predictions.

My SHUT UP List (just do it to shut everyone up)

  • Cut & Paste
  • MMS
  • Landscape Mail
  • Video Recording
  • Turn by Turn GPS
  • To Do list
  • Custom ring settings / profiles

I’d be VERY surprised if all of these (except maybe video) wasn’t included. And seriously – after 3 revs of the software – people can rightly feel pissed if they aren’t.

Improvements to existing stuff

There are a lot of little improvements Apple could make to existing Apps.

  • Camera – timer / press anywhere to take pic etc. Build in the best ideas from the App Store
  • Better for uploading to FlickR / MobileMe / Facebook
  • Some iLife / iWork / MobileMe integration
  • Faces / Places ala iPhoto 09?
  • Integrated Synch with iCal and Google Calendars
  • Add Google Groups – Contacts Groups sync

NEW Features for iPhone 3.0

  • Remote Wipe for the Rest-Of-Us
  • XCode – more templates to make apps even easier (compare number of iPhone templates to Mac templates
  • Wireless Syncing to iTunes
  • And One More Thing – the big one – Core Fart Noises Layer for OSX 10.6

It will be interesting to see how many ideas Apple takes from Apps selling in the App Store. Yes it will suck for the developer, but you can’t use that as an excuse not to improve the OS. Not like they haven’t done it before with Mac OSX (Spaces, Dashboard etc)


Updated to add more.

There is nothing like hitting Publish on a post to unlock a flood of new ideas. Lets add a couple more to the list:

(this is the Wu Method of naming everything you and everyone else can think of, analysts get paid big bucks for this)

  • PUSH
  • Voice Dialing
  • Tethering (I could care less, till I need it)
  • Bluetooth support for Keyboards etc

One More Thing…

Support for larger sized screen – 7 or 10 inch – for Apple Tablet product to be released in September / October (with next iPod rev). If Apple plans to release something like this in 09 – this will be the occasion for developers to be told about it so they can.. develop.

Oh. And if Voice Play is announced – that one was mine too.

UPDATE: The silly section.

  • New Version of iTunes
  • Beatles on iTunes
  • Stability updates
  • and Flash support – why is no one talking about Flash support?

WWDC 2008 Prediction Results

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Now that the “SteveNote” from WWDC has been finished – lets see how I went with my predictions.


100% – 3G iPhone
100% – iPhone 2.0 software & App Store
95% – 3G iPhone to be triple or quad band
90% – GPS on 3G iPhone
75% – 3G iPhone in different colors
70% – OSX 10.6 announced
95% – OSX 10.6 called Snow Leopard
50% – .Mac refresh announcement
10% – iPhone Nano / Alternate models
0% – OSX 10.6 to have no new features


75% – New MacBooks announced
65% – BluRay available
95% – .Mac Free (95% the basic service will be made free if its refreshed)
20% – MacBook Air 2.0
10% – iPhone gets plastic back
10% – MacBook Air Pro


95% – Better camera on iPhone
65% – OSX 10.6 to be Intel Macs only


10 right, 6 wrong (including a couple of long shots), 2 we don’t know yet.

Pretty happy with my guesses. I was pretty sure this was going to be the 3G iPhone 2.0 show with not a lot of room for other things like new Macs. Thought one of those I got wrong might have made a sexy “One More Thing” – but I guess Apple want the next 4 weeks of millions of dollars of free press to be all about the iPhone.

I like the changes to .Mac – now MobileMe. Pity the logo reminds me so much of Windows ME. Don’t think MobileME will ever really take off until it become a free service for all. $99 for a solo user with a iPhone is just a little too much. It rocks when you have multiple machines, but really it should just be free.

iTunes Music Store would never gotten to 80% market if people had to pay for it.

I kinda hate the plastic backs on the 3G iPhones. But as someone who has spent last few years with Motorola phones (with metal backs) and the crappy reception – it might not be such a bad thing.

No (RED)?

No 32Gig version?

Quick note on 10.6 Snow Leopard

I think the “low key” treatment of Snow Leopard was a good idea. The next 3 months are going to be a press frenzy on the 3G iPhone. The gestation of 10.5 Leopard from public announcement to release was way too long. But given 5000 developers are there for WWDC – your not going to call them back in a few months to show em 10.6. No doubt there will be a big Snow Leopard feature in January 09, when the software will be only a few months away from release.

No new features? Hardly. Improved enterprise support, new video with QuickTime X, no doubt the next generation of MobileME integration. Maybe nothing as shiny as Time Machine or Quick Look – but all important improvements nonetheless.

Roll on July 11.

WWDC 2008 Prediction Summary

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Thought I would make a quick summary of my predictions for the WWDC 2008 – then tomorrow I’ll post my score card.

From Top to Bottom

100% – 3G iPhone
100% – iPhone 2.0 software & App Store

95% – Better camera on iPhone
95% – 3G iPhone to be triple or quad band

90% – GPS on 3G iPhone

75% – 3G iPhone in different colors
75% – New MacBooks announced

70% – OSX 10.6 announced
95% – OSX 10.6 called Snow Leopard

65% – OSX 10.6 to be Intel Macs only
65% – BluRay available

50% – .Mac refresh announcement
95% – .Mac Free (95% the basic service will be made free if its refreshed)

20% – MacBook Air 2.0

10% – iPhone Nano / Alternate models
10% – iPhone gets plastic back
10% – MacBook Air Pro

0% – OSX 10.6 to have no new features

Time to get some sleep and prepare the score cards for the morning.

Getting access to USA iTunes music store

Although the iTunes Music Store has been made available I have been looking for ages to find a way to purchase US iTunes content (especially the video stuff – big fan of Lost).

Unfortunately i am not lucky enough to know anyone in the states, or anyone with a US card. But i came across a site that is selling US iTunes gift vouchers. Basically they email you an electronic US store voucher.

Tried it out and it works fine. Although you need to register a US account, which means you need a US address (but appears as though Apple dont care what address you use – ie just make one up).. but, you dont need to register a credit card (unlike the aussie store).

But, makes me wonder about the legality of it all? Aussie can not buy from t he US store without a US card… but.. if you get a US gift voucher.. then you can use it…?? Loop hole?

anyway.. for those who are interested…

My New Broadband – NCable Wireless Broadband

As you may know I moved into a new house about a month ago – can’t believe its only a month – feels like 2 or 3 months !

Part of the “deal” with the the new house was that we probably wouldn’t have broadband access here for at least 6-8 weeks. Around September / October. Telstra had to upgrade the local RIM – the usual blah blah story as to why you can’t get decent internet access.

But we knew that coming in and I was reasonable happy to put up with Dial-Up for a month or so, plus going around to my parents place once a week or so to use Dad’s internet to move some big files around. The house was a great deal – a bit of a bargain in my opinion – so it was worth a bit of pain.

To be honest – Dial-Up wasn’t the nightmare I imagined. Sure I wasn’t going to be downloading 10 podcasts every day or surfing sites all day. But for general email and basic surfing it wasn’t too bad.

OK it still sucked but I wasn’t completely offline.

As I was telling all of my contacts about the change of address, phone number etc – I was contacted by Neighborhood Cable – an Australian company with an American name. NCable are a Victorian regional Pay TV / Internet company. They are in Mildura, Ballarat and Geelong. Unlike most ISP’s they install their own infrastructure and cabling – rather than running off Telstra’s backbone.

Even though they also don’t have their cable running down my street – they have a new service called Wireless Cable Broadband. They have a transmitter in town on the water tower – click for webcam view which gives them about 25km of range. At my place I have an antenna on my roof that runs down into a modem in my office – and from there to my wireless router etc. From there its business as usual in setting up the internet etc.

So I know have broadband where otherwise I wouldn’t have. And even better – its FASTER. Best ADSL speed I can get here is 1500/256. It will be a long time before we get ADSL 2/2+ in a country town like Mildura. So far the speeds I have been getting have been the equivalent of 3500/1200 !! And I’ve even complained as I was told to expect download speeds around 5000 !!

And because I am in a country regional area with no access to ADSL broadband – I got full subsidy from the Australian Government’s HIBIS program. The whole install cost me nothing !! Yai !!

So far the quality has been excellent. No problems at all. The increased upload speed already has made a huge difference to my productivity. Instead of queuing files to upload overnight – I can do them during the day while preparing the sites. 100Mb used to take an hour on 1500/256. Now its like 10 mins. That makes a huge difference to my planning.

Really happy with it all so far. Will keep you up to date on my experiences as we go.

RSS vs WebFeed ?

Just wanted to toss in my 2 cents on the whole RSS vs Web Feed issue.

A brief summary: RSS (really simple syndication) lets you subscribe to websites, podcasts and other things. Once you have worked out how to use it your internet browsing is changed forever. Instead of having to go back to a website to see if its changed, your subscription service sends you the latest news and headlines.

There is an RSS feed for this site – its the orange icon on the bottom right hand corner of the browser. If you have an RSS agregator or reader, you put the link into it and you started getting updates of the site when I make them. You don’t have to give me any information like an email address to subscribe to a newsletter. You come and go as you please.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Microsoft thinks so too and the are incorporating RSS into the next version of Windows – Vista – formerly known as longhorn. It’s due out late next year. Probably. But Microsoft are planning on putting RSS into Vista in a big way – especially Internet Explorer 7.

However Microsoft want to call it Web Feeds – not RSS. They feel RSS is a bit techy and complicated to explain. Web Feed sounds simple and easy enough. Of course this is upsetting a lot of people who claim Microsoft are trying to reinvent RSS in their own image. Much like they tried to do with html, css, media files, document files and pretty much anything else.

I actually like the term Web Feed. It makes it easier to explain to someone what it is. RSS just sounds weird and unfriendly. I think once you know what it is – rather than what it stands for – its a good name for it. But the 30 second conversation of introducing it to someone and explaining what it does – I’ve just had too many of those in my life of being a geek. Why can’t we find a simpler way of describing things?

Eventually I think the term Web Feed will slowly become more accepted. We will probably still use the RSS / XML buttons – but know them as Web Feed buttons.

Mighty Mouse Review

Well i have been using a Mighty Mouse as my “back-up” mouse for a few days.? ?

Not overly impressed so far.? ?

The tracking of the cursor is nice – nothing wrong there.? ?

The cord is definitely long enough – much more manageable around my laptop. I mentioned previously that it had been reported as being too short but I think the length is fine.? ?

Not real happy with the nipple / track ball. Unless you drag more or less straight down and up, it misses your scrolling. I tend to drag top right to bottom left a bit – just the way I hold the mouse. So I find myself having to concentrate on scrolling. I suppose over time I will adjust.

The scrolling feels a bit rougher / jerkier than usual on XP. I look forward to testing it again on my iBook once its delivered.

The “squeeze buttons” on the side work well enough. On XP they default to “Back” which is good enough. Doesn’t seem to be any software or drivers to let you program it to do anything else. The feel like they are in a funny place too – I keep having to reposition my fingers to use them.

The look of the Apple mouse has been described as either “clean, beautiful, stylish” or “bar of soap” – which I am pretty sure is not a term of endearment. It does look nice and clean – but I think it loses some functionality to style. That’s why we have ergonomic mice – they are easier to use.

Insert whiney comment here about lack of bluetooth option Well everyone else complains about the no bluetooth option – I might as well. It is a bit surprising. Well not really – I am sure there is a Bluetooth option not too far away and we will all buy new mice again.

Bastards. Clever – but bastards. No one will point this out in a few months when Apple announce another massive profit for the quarter. Slowing iPod sales were balanced by everyone buying not one mouse – but two !!

Overall – it feels a bit rushed. I know Apple wanted to release this with Tiger and there were some delays. To get it running on Tiger you must have either 10.2 or use the included software CD. That just seems strange – to have something as “basic” as a mouse needing a OS upgrade.

I’d give it 6/10. For $79 there are much better corded mice out there.